Welcome to Westmont High School AP Human Geography Wiki. Over the next year, we will explore the world and start to understand why it is the way it is. On this journey, we will look closely at numerous general areas of geographic knowledge: population, culture, politics, industry, development, agriculture and urbanization. None of these stand alone. Everything is connected!

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Scoop it! is a site with many links from print, radio and video media. Some may be blocked so don't worry about them. There are at least three pages worth of links on political geography.

Plaid Avenger- You know him- Now explore his site. Here are links to his video lectures on "A world of states" and International Organizations- but you can find plenty of interesting things elsewhere on the site. He has interviews with International Students you can listen to, information on world leaders with a quiz, and much more.

Frontline world- Stories by theme- Check out the videos and accompanying materials under "Conflict and violence" or "Politics and Government"


Extreme Pamplona
Race 4 the Future