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Welcome to Westmont High School AP Human Geography Wiki. Over the next year, we will explore the world and start to understand why it is the way it is. On this journey, we will look closely at numerous general areas of geographic knowledge: population, culture, politics, industry, development, agriculture and urbanization. None of these stand alone. Everything is connected!

The Travels of Mr. Landreth
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The map above shows the various places I have traveled since I was 21. The optimist in me says I'm doing alright with 25% of the world's countries having been explored with relative thoroughness. What I have done, I have done well. The pessimist sees the vast swaths of territory I have yet to step foot in. That gives me something to shoot for. What will your map look like when you are my age?

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Among AP Courses, Geography and Environment Are Hot (Education Week)


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Unit 1: Geography It's Nature & Perspectives
Unit 2: Population (& Migration)
Unit 3: Cultural Patterns & Processes Pt 1 (Culture & Language)
Unit 3: Cultural Patterns & Processes Pt 2 (Religion & Ethnicity)
Unit 4: Political Organization of Space
Unit 5: Agricultural & Rural Land Use
Unit 6: Industrialization & Development
Unit 7: Cities & Urban Land Use

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Preparing For The AP Test.pdf

Preparing For The AP Test.pdf
Preparing For The AP Test.pdf
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